Flik Often Sees Nutrition Clash With Students’ Sweet Tooth

Madeleine Carroll, Writer

Flik is one of the most popular places on campus with students. Whether it’s during passing periods, lunch or after school, Flik provides people with food. Flik sees a line out the door during lunchtime.

At the beginning of the school year, Flik created a pre-order lunch system allowing students to order their lunch beforehaand. However, the line of students picking up their food was incredibly long. Students waited up to 15 minutes, whereas before, students waited five minutes to grab the lunch meal of the day. The pre-order system caused students to spend a sizable part of their lunch just waiting in line. Now, students are able to choose between pre-ordering or grabbing ready-made meals from Flik.

Students can buy a multitude of drinks, candies, chips, meals and other snacks. Flik also sells fresh, healthy meals daily that students can just pick up.

“To keep things fresh and interesting, we change with the seasons, always taking full advantage of the current crops Mother Nature so generously provides. We boast the most comprehensive nutritional data base in the business, with over 7,000 chef-tested, nutritionally analyzed recipes,” Kitchen Manager Sharon Luengas, 

Flik has a multitude of healthy lunch recipes that are catered to student interest. Each part of a Flik meal is specifically chosen and thought out in order to make it as healthy, but delicious as possible, Luengas said. 

The majority of the food that students purchase are junk food and sugary drinks. Flik has an array of healthy options, yet students don’t buy them. The cafe regularly offer healthy choices such as fruit, vegetables, and nuts. They put out foods that are proven to help students study and work more efficiently like trail mix, yet they remain on the shelves until they expire.

Last month, Flik created a pop-up smoothie stand where students could make their own smoothie from just fruits and vegetables. Many students stopped to create their own smoothie, but if that same smoothie was sold at Flik, I believe no one would buy it. Flik offers students nutritional meals and snacks but students rarely pick those items.