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The Bolt Online is an internationally award-winning, student-run news site for Sage Hill School in Newport Coast, CA. It launched Aug. 27, 2013 with the article, 15 Freshmen Faces, as a supplement for Sage’s monthly newspaper, The Bolt, and yearbook, Storm. It was founded by Michelle Min, under the guidance of publications adviser Konnie Krislock.

Since its establishment, The Bolt Online has acted as an open forum for student journalism and expression with the goal of informing the Sage Hill community about local events in a timely manner. Content is written, edited, produced and photographed by 45 award-winning staff members or published with the consent of the owner. Publications Staff meets bi-weekly as a campus club in the Film Room.

With more than 38,000 total page views, The Bolt Online seeks to recognize individuals, events and ideas and to bring news to the Sage Hill community in a professional, unbiased and thorough manner.


We strive to report news accurately. If you believe an error has been made, please contact us at [email protected].

The views presented in The Bolt Online’s pieces reflect the positions of the individual staff member. They do not necessarily reflect the opinions of Sage Hill School administrators or staff members.

All comments are read before they are published, in order to make The Bolt Online a safe and secure public forum for community members to express their opinions. No obscenities, personal attacks, advertisements, nonsense, defamatory or derogatory rhetoric, libel or slander will be published. Comments are meant to spur discussion about the content and/or topic of an article.


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