Club Spotlight: ACEing Autism Club Serves Up Tennis, Memories for Kids Living With Autism

Ceyda Shamsai, Writer

Every Sunday afternoon, the Sage Hill tennis courts buzz with activity and excitement. ACEing Autism is a nonprofit organization that invites tennis coaches to volunteer their time to teach tennis to children living with autism. In 2017, an alumnus brought this program to Sage Hill after discovering the positive impact it has on the community. The program allows participants to enjoy physical activity and develop connections with others their age. Volunteers build relationships with the children and create a positive environment for learning and fun. 

Senior Sunny Sun has participated in the program throughout her four years at Sage Hill. Her favorite moment during her experience was receiving feedback from the participants’ parents.

“Talking to the families during the program and having them tell me how they look forward to our program every weekend and that we are making a true impact on these kids has stuck with me,” Sunny said. “I’m very inspired by them and the fact that we are giving back to the community.” 

ACEing Autism will return for the spring season. For six consecutive weeks, volunteers and participants will meet at the Sage tennis courts to bond over their shared love of the sport and make memories that will last a lifetime.

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