A Snapshot of Sage Spirit: Pep Rally, Spirit Week, Winter Formal

Anne Chen, Writer

The Sage Hill community was decked out in class colors when it gathered in the Peter V. Ueberroth Gymnasium for Pep Rally and Accepted Students Day on Mar. 7. The gym was extra packed and full of energy for an exciting day as current Sage students welcomed the Class of 2027, who had the opportunity to experience a high school event and meet their new peers. 

After a traditional pep rally game with the juniors taking first prize, each grade showcased the creativity of their class. However, instead of the traditional skits, class co-chairs coordinated music videos instead. Originally, the idea of class skits was to get the whole grade to participate, but in recent years, it has become more focused on a select group of student actors. The goal of shifting to music videos was to provide a better opportunity for more students to be involved and enthusiastic about the class showcase, Junior Co-Chair Sina Emtiaz said. 

The filmed and edited music videos yielded higher grade participation and excitement in the crowd. Students sang along to familiar songs and lit up as they saw themselves projected on the screen. 

Firstly, the freshman class had students lip sync to a mashup of songs including “Fifteen” and “Call Me Maybe.” The sophomores followed up with an electric video, opened by Stryker surrounded by edited lightning. Juniors sang along to “Boy’s a Liar,” and the seniors put together a photo montage with students dancing along to “Just Wanna Rock”. 

It was then time to determine the victorious class of the Pep Rally. Courtesy of History Teacher Dr. Christopher Farrish, the judges used a decibel meter to scientifically measure the loudest class cheer of the morning, which was the junior class. Yet, the panel’s final verdict fell in favor of the reigning senior class. Pep Rally ended with roaring excitement from a spirited student body. 

The rest of the week was jam-packed with spirit days, such as Adam Sandler Day, Ski Day, and Pajama Day. On Wednesday, students were encouraged to dress up as Adam Sandler in baggy and oversized clothing. Thursday was all about winter and ski attire, and Friday was the fan-favorite, Pajama Day. 

“It’s a fun way to come together as a community,” sophomore Baominh Le said. 

Students enjoy finding out the themes of spirit week and seeing what their peers come up with. Student participation dipped after Pep Rally, during which Student Council maximized class participation by providing extra T-shirts.

“I feel like if students tried to dress up every day and we made a decisive effort to come in early for Pep Rally to decorate and prepare together as a school, then we could really create a stronger and more spirited community culture,” junior Sophia Sun said. 

“Not many people participate except for Pajama Day,” Baominh said, “but it’s a fun way to do stuff with friends.” 

However, many students attended Winter Formal, which was hosted at the Yost Theater in Santa Ana on March 11. Much of the excitement surrounded the fact that there has not been a dance held at a venue since before the pandemic’s start. 

Students excitedly walked down the red carpet into the theater, in the spirit of this year’s theme, Red Carpet. Unlike the formals from past years, this year’s event provided refreshments, desserts and couches for students taking a break from the dance floor. Students particularly enjoyed being in a different environment with their friends, rather than being at a dance on school campus.