Festival Features Student Written, Directed One Acts


Sophomore Naomi Tran (left) and freshman Miami Ciuni in “The Manager.“

Noe Lee, Editor-in-Chief

All spotlights fired up during Sage Hill’s annual One Act Festival last month, showcasing actors of all grades in a performance of Theater Ensemble’s direction and script writing. Featuring nine pieces mostly eight to 10 minutes long, the show beheld moments not only of laugh-out-loud lines, but also of thought-provoking loss and intellectual exploration. 

Each act brought something new to the stage as the students’ stories were brought to life by the interpretation of each actor and director. Senior writer and director Alex Yoak’s work, “A Tale of Two Deities,” left the audience in silence as the stage explored the complex relationship of life and death. 

Arushi Chokshi, senior director and student coordinator, said she enjoys working with fellow Sage Hill students because they always commit themselves to their roles.

“Directing and executing a performance took a lot of hard work as well [as] patience. Trusting the process is key when putting together a production, because everything comes together [within] five days [of] the show, ” Chokshi said.

Theater teacher Mary Kildare expanded on the depth of commitment each student invested in their One Acts. “[I asked my students], ‘what do you want our community to be thinking about or to question?” Kildare said. “There was something in this year’s One Acts for everyone… I was really happy with [the directors’] work.”

Kildare added that she believes  it’s really important to give students the opportunity to express themselves. 

As the curtains close on the winter season’s One Acts Festival, the Sage Hill community continues to support student creation and foster a supportive environment of learning and sharing. While reflecting on this year’s One Acts, it is important to recognize the hours of hard work, practice, and diligence each participating student put into this year’s show.