Soccer Prepares to Strike!


Chloe Lee

The girls’ soccer team practices drills for their next game on Ramer Field.

Madeleine Carroll and Ceyda Shamsai

As the fall season comes to a close, the excitement for both boys’ and girls’ soccer begins as they prepare for a busy season. 

This year’s soccer players will be playing in a new, more competitive league full of challenges. However, the players have so far shown determination and grit while practicing for their upcoming games. 

From the boys’ soccer team, sophomore Arman Ariaee says that his goal for the season is to, “work on improving my endurance. I think soccer is a great way to achieve this.” 

During daily practices, the team works on speed, footwork and shooting drills. They will be focused on improving their technique and strategies for upcoming games, while also having fun on the field. 

Sophomore Jake Pirnazar exclaims his favorite part of soccer is the “team connection and shared feeling of wanting to win.” 

The team pushes each other to collectively improve, embody a competitive energy and remind one another to keep a positive mindset when playing. 

The girls’ soccer team has also been working towards their goals. Going into a new season, the freshmen are enthusiastic about their first soccer season at Sage Hill. 

Freshman Taite Nicholson says she’s looking forward to “becoming a better player” and “learning more about the sport.” 

The seniors share the same feelings about their last season at Sage Hill. “I’m so pumped for the season. My main focus is to be a leader to these young girls and make our environment as supportive and fun as possible,” senior Eleni Engelbrecht said. 

Both soccer teams are training harder than ever to face the competition in the new league and cannot wait for their first games of the year.