Gene Expression Taught by Gene Simmons


Photo Courtesy of Sage Hill School

Mr. Derek Shapiro and Mrs. Megan Rutherford perform as rock band KISS at the Halloween Costume Contest.

Brooke Thomassen

This year, students and faculty went all out at our annual Halloween Costume Contest!

Some highlights of the students’ costumes included an inflatable dinosaur, a group of FBI agents, a banana, and Waldo from the “Where’s Waldo?” book series. All around campus, students wore costumes reflecting their favorite TV shows, time periods, musical artists, cultures, and more.

However, the faculty outdid themselves this year with elaborate and well-thought-out group costumes—arguably some of the best the school has seen in years. The Athletics Department dressed up as the USA synchronized swimming team, with shower caps, nose plugs, and American flag tank tops. They stretched a blue banner across two umbrella stands in Town Square as their “pool” and put on a lovely synchronized swim routine. Cheers roared from the crowds of students lining the steps of Town Square when the Athletics Department went “underwater” and lifted their pointed toes above the surface, twiddling their feet in unison.

The Sage Center team dressed up as the characters of Disney’s Hocus Pocus, with the three Sanderson Sisters, Binx the black cat, and Billy Butcherson the zombie. The intricately-designed costumes were very true to the movie, prompting many of the other faculty and staff to laugh. Their skit included throwing candy to the students and acting out a scene from the movie with their magic spell book.

Lastly, coming in first place for faculty costumes was the Science Department as the famous American rock band, KISS. With large black boots, black leather pants, shiny, bedazzled vests, black and white face paint and shaggy black wigs, the science teachers came out rocking to “Rock and Roll All Nite.” With science teacher Justin Johnson keeping time on a comically small drum set and the rest of the science crew “shredding” guitars, the science teachers got all of Town Square to sing the chorus: “I want to rock and roll all night, and party every day!”

Student contest winners pose together in Wilkins Town Square. (Photo Courtesy of Sage Hill School)