A Week of Excitement

Sage Hill’s Homecoming Week is as spirited as ever


Jianing Li

Students have fun at the Homecoming Dance on Oct. 22.

Arya Rawal

The Sage Hill community definitely does not take Homecoming Week lightly, as students and staff showed off their creativity and Lightning pride throughout Spirit Week, which was coordinated by our hardworking Student Council.

From Oct. 17 to Oct. 21, the school was introduced to various themes for each day to correspond their outfits with. The week started with a classic: Pajama Day. Students and faculty showed up to campus in everything from sweatpants to onesies, including the very popular green and white Sage Hill plaid pajama pants. Tuesday was Twin Day, which saw participants choose one or more people to match outfits with, coordinating head to toe even with accessories, like cowboy hats, pearl necklaces, and sunglasses. On Wednesday, White Lie Day featured students and faculty wearing white shirts with lies written on them. For example, many shirts expressed white lies of “I’m always on time” or “I’m never late.” On Thursday, which was Jersey Day, the school was filled with sports jerseys representing people’s favorite sports teams. During lunch, the Parents Association served multiple flavors of gelato and offered a table filled with toppings. On Friday, which was Pep Rally Day, everyone wore their grade level T-shirts, representing different colors for each grade.

Later that Friday, the Sage community gathered to support their football team during the annual Homecoming Tailgate. Multiple freshmen said the food was delicious, provided by food trucks that served burgers, fried chicken, dumplings, and more. There was also a photo booth, with props such as bright pink sunglasses, pink, blue, and black boas, and a variety of hats. One of the freshmen, Isaac Alegria, noted that “everyone was happy,” while others said they enjoyed the music. Another, Vera Yang, said, “the best part was how much enthusiasm people had.”

During the Homecoming football game, which was themed Pink Out, our Lightning football team played Chadwick and won 56 to 32. As it was also Senior Night, the Sage Hill community celebrated the seniors on the football team and Dance Teams by presenting them with flowers, pictures with family members, sashes, and more. 

On Saturday night, the Homecoming Dance featured space-themed decorations in the science parking lot with a digital photo booth and miniature stages for students to gather and dance to the DJ’s music. One senior said that the “worst part was having to leave early,” while another, Sunny Sun, spoke about how their “favorite part was that they had snacks and water in the front.” 

“I thought Homecoming was a successful event that brought our student body together,” said freshman co-chair Ella Wong. “I really enjoyed seeing students letting loose and not thinking about the academic rigor of our school for a little bit.” 

Overall, the week of the Homecoming Dance and football game was filled with school spirit, fun, and excitement.