Lights! Camera! Action!


Photo courtesy of Sage Hill School

The cast and crew of “Almost, Maine” on dress rehearsal day in The Studio at Sage Hill.

Fiori Lee

The Sage Hill School Theatre Program presented its fall play, “Almost, Maine.” Theatre teacher and director Mary Kildare chose the play to emphasize the human connections we were unable to have during the pandemic. 

The performance was a series of short interconnected stories about a diverse group of people and their unique situations involving love. From a girl telling a boy she loved him for the first time to a married couple falling out of love, everyone in the audience found something in these scenes they could relate to. 

“Almost, Maine” was a rollercoaster that had audience members laughing, gasping and crying. They were kept on the edge of their seats, especially during a scene where a couple was looking for a boot they misplaced when it unexpectedly dropped from the theatre ceiling. Each scene had the audience wondering what was next. 

The playwright, John Cariani, alternates between a variety of scenes. Some were sweet evocative exchanges and some dialogue were so awkward that they were comical, making the audience chuckle. Cariani incorporates idioms of love, making them literal. In one scenario, actors evoke laughs when they fall to the ground as they “fall” in love with each other. 

The rows of seats in the Studio at Sage Hill were put away and replaced with foldable chairs, creating a more intimate feel. A simple set consisting of Christmas fir trees and powdery snow set the winter tone for the show. The actors were decked out in full warm winter gear. A couple of them were even in ski outfits portraying a chilly Maine winter. 

The stage crew did a fantastic job using lighting to enhance the atmosphere throughout the play. The flickering colors of the northern lights on the stage back wall transported the audience to Maine. Additionally, carefully curated music also added another layer of depth to the show. 

“I had an amazing time and it really felt like a tight-knit community. “Almost, Maine” allowed me to work with people I wouldn’t have normally,” sophomore Naomi Tran said.

The play offered opportunities for students from all grade levels to connect and work with one another, eventually showcasing their talents. The show sparked student interest in exploring Sage Hill’s theatre program and encouraged some to audition for the upcoming one-act performances.