“Every Job” Will Require Computer Science Education

Minha Oh

Following technological advancements, the computer science field offers a wide range of exciting, diverse, and high-growth careers, from software development to cybersecurity. Jobs in computer science will increase by 13% by 2030, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS). Now that technology is pervasive in our daily lives, it seems safe to say that computer science education will be essential in ‘every job’ in the near future. Sophia Mendoza, She is now LAUSD’s Instructional Technology Initiative director, and her priorities are making sure all students have access to computer science education.

Mendoza believes every future job will require some computer science knowledge. LAUSD is the foundation for technology integration, and provides development for its educators about how to teach students to be inclusive, balanced, and engaged when they are online. The area which Mendoza is most passionate about is computer science education. Not only will older students receive computer science, the younger learners will also earn the opportunity to learn about it; by 2025, all students in elementary school should have a minimum of 20 hours of computer science education each school year.

To foster the best ways to use technology in student learning, she invites educators to bring their units of study for the upcoming weeks and discusses how they can utilize specific tools to empower students’ voices. According to Mendoza, “Because if we’re just learning points and clicks, folks forget that, unless you tie it to something that’s very meaningful for them.” She claims schools must continue to ensure that there is both federal and state funding, for them to sustain the higher levels of technology use. She believes that in order for schools to have effective use of technology, they need additional funding for not just the tools they purchase, but also the high-impact strategies they utilize with their students, as something that works at one school may not work at another. Community collaboration is essential. This work of transforming teaching and learning cannot happen alone, and we need partners to collaborate with. The near future will require knowledge of computer science, and efficient education for all students will be crucial to their success.