Affinity Groups

Grant Franey

Affinity groups are gathering spaces for individuals who share a common identity to come together, celebrate, connect, and support each other. At Sage Hill School, there are a number of affinity groups that meet throughout the school year. The returning groups include Black Students Union (BSU), LGBTQ+, and Latinx. The three new groups for this year are Jewish, Middle Eastern North African (MENA), and Multiracial. There is also a club to discuss topics related to Asians, Asian Americans, and Pacific Islanders (AAPI).

Students view these groups as spaces to be authentic and proud of their identity. During meetings, some individuals choose to bring food that relates to the region or culture that the group focuses on. Other activities include discussions and games. Rather than being a space where students feel obligated to educate others about the issues they face, these meetings provide students with the opportunity to talk amongst their peers who understand and appreciate a shared culture or aspect of identity.

Junior Alyssa Picasso, a member of the LGBTQ+ and Latinx Affinity Groups, said, “It’s fun to talk to others with similar experiences…it’s a good experience, and it’s a safe space.” Junior Sofia Jacinto, a member of the Latinx Affinity Group, shared examples of different discussions the group has had. One included discussing favorite meals. After the group shared their thoughts and ideas, Jacinto said, “it’s all similar, and it’s nice to talk with others who share the same traditions and cultures as you.” 

As Sage Hill School continues to strive towards creating an inclusive and diverse community, these Affinity Group spaces help give students the opportunity to connect with one another on a deeper level and have honest conversations about their experiences. The hope is that these affinity groups provide students with a sense of pride and belonging on campus and also in the world at large. 

All students who identify with one or more of the groups are encouraged to attend meetings throughout the year. During Sage Center Days, affinity groups will meet after Service Learning. Other dates and times along with the locations of the meetings can be found on the bulletin board in the Lower H Building and on the SAME (Sage Advocates for Multicultural Education) Instagram page. Since there are many additional identities as a part of the Sage Hill School community, the school hopes to continue growing these spaces in the coming years.