Varsity Girls’ Soccer Team Scores their Way to CIF Playoffs


David Kim

Sophomore Amy Qin looks to receive a pass from her teammate during an attack

Ava Eimani and Ceyda Shamsai

On November 19, the varsity girls’ soccer team ran around Ramer field, anticipation filling the air for their very first game as a team. Weeks of sprinting, participating in grueling drills, and perfecting their technique, have all come together on this day. Coach Isaac brings the team together for a team huddle, and each of them reminds each other of the hard work they’ve put in this past year. “Go Lightning!” yells team captain Lauren Graham, as they run onto the field and into their first victory. 

Three freshman girls joined the 2021-2022 varsity team, ready to put their best efforts on the field and help score some goals. In their first game against Western High, Ava Wright scored her first goal and greatly aided the team. Freshman Charlotte Cheng says her favorite parts of soccer were, “Blasting music and having fun on bus rides to away games, and how we constantly worked hard to win our games.” Claire Sueyoshi began the season as a key player and starter on JV, but after only a week of practicing with varsity, she earned a spot on the team.

Senior Lainey Cauffman is the varsity team’s goalie and one of the most important players on their team. With her numerous saves and positive attitude, she lifted the spirits of her teammates and was always ready to lend a hand on the field. After four whole years of being goalie, Cauffman has always been dedicated to the team and consistently shows up ready to work. Sophomore Sofia Jacinto began her soccer season as the JV goalie, but also has been brought up to be varsity’s goalie when needed. Jacinto had to step up to the plate in order to be ready to assist during an important league game. During the game against Fairmont Prep, she had 12 saves as well as three crucial game changing saves. 

This year’s seniors always brought enthusiasm, excitement, and a great work ethic to each and every game and practice. Looking back, seniors reflect on this past season. Jillian Raymer says, “My favorite memory was meeting girls from the other grades and bonding with the freshman.” Nicole Jacinto remarks how the highlight of her season was being a varsity benchwarmer. Team Captain Anisha Punia says, “Seeing our team push each other and always working hard made this last year special.”

The team has had its ups and downs throughout the season, but never stopped trying to win each and every game. Coach Isaac claims, “The hardest game my girls tackled was the second time we played Fairmont Prep. The first time we played them, we had tied with JV players playing with us, so we needed to really prove ourselves and win with our varsity players back.” 

In league play, the team had a record of 2-4-3. Including non-league games, their total record was 7-5-4. Their third-place finish in league automatically qualified the team for a spot into CIF-SS Division 6 playoffs.