Dribbling to the End


Photo Courtesy of Rick Davitt

The girl’s varsity basketball team won the CIF SoCal Regional Finals on March 8

Lauren Chung, Sports Editor

Dribble, pass, shoot, score! After a tough, but accomplishing season, our Lightning JV teams wrap up their seasons, while the Varsity teams prepare themselves for the CIF Playoffs.

Basketball is a sport that requires a team effort. Fortunately, our Lightning stars have created a positive culture of teamwork and sportsmanship.

“I love the environment, and everyone on the team is so welcoming,” said junior Alex Cobb. “My favorite memory about this season was the three-day stay in San Diego during winter break. From the Chick-Fil-A stops to the tournament itself, the trip was a nice way to bring me closer to my team.” 

On the JV team, junior Ema Arteaga tells that she made so many memories with her team. 

“I like our cheer, and every time my teammates and I cheer for each other, it brings us so much closer together,” said Arteaga.

On the boys’ JV team, freshman Neekon Tabatabai describes how high school basketball is different from his club basketball. 

“I have been playing club basketball for as long as I can remember,” said Tabatabai. “Even though it was a little unnerving at first, I really enjoyed the bus rides and team bonding activities that I had never experienced before on a club team.”

For some, the season has been an unforgettable opportunity mixed with ups and downs.

“Being on the varsity team is definitely a step up from the JV environment in terms of intensity,” said junior Andrew Cobb. “Sometimes after practice, I feel so exhausted that I can barely move my legs, but I also know that our hard work and dedication throughout the season has really paid off, as we have made it to the CIF Playoffs.”

After transferring to Sage in his sophomore year, senior and Varsity captain Jaden Fabella has been on the Varsity team ever since. 

“Honestly, my last season on the team feels like a dream,” said Fabella. “Even though the COVID-19 pandemic has been detrimental to our season, I still made a lot of fun memories with my friends on the team. I know that this is a period of my life that I will never forget.”

Senior and Varsity captain Kiana Hosseinzadeh has been part of our Lady Lightning team for all four years of her Sage experience. 

“The most accomplishing part of my season was being able to compete against some of the highest-ranked schools in the nation,” said Hosseinzadeh. “Also, I love seeing how much our players have grown, both individually and as a team.” 

The boys’ first Varsity CIF game was on Friday, February 11, and the girls’ first Varsity CIF game was on Saturday, February 12.