Spring at Sage is Taking Flight

Trips and Seminars Revealed


David Kim

Faculty members advertise their Spring at Sage seminars to students.

Noe Lee, Opinion Editor

On Tuesday, Oct. 19, 2021, Sage Hill students gathered in the library and gym for the big reveal of the opportunities offered through the renowned “Spring at Sage” program. Staring at the screens, the excitement and energy was palpable in the atmosphere. 

Before the presentation, Program Head Sara Graham said, “[she couldn’t] wait to unveil this year’s unique offerings,” and her video of travel opportunities had upper and underclassmen on the edge of their seats. 

After two years of abnormal Spring at Sage opportunities, most grades didn’t know what to expect. Only the senior class has had only one normal year of Spring at Sage while some have had none. But whether they were drawn in by the quirky and creative seminars, trips across the globe, or domestic travel opportunities, the video presentation and the fair booths piqued the interests of students in all grades.

“This year I think I want to do the sewing rebellion with Dr. Kunte,” said senior Olivia Borland. “I was considering travelling, but the opportunities offered [on and around campus] are just as cool in my opinion. The last two years [of Spring at Sage] were kind of disappointing, but I’m really excited for what’s to come this spring.” 

Some would argue that the “wow” factor of the workshops closer to home is lessened in comparison to a trip to an island faraway. However, many other students like Borland are just as stoked to participate in activities and seminars without flying halfway around the world. No matter what choice Sage students make for this spring, there will be plenty of opportunities for fun, bonding, and new experiences.