In the Air & Under the Water

Juniors and seniors relax and destress during their fun-filled retreats.


Photo Courtesy of Mrs. Rutherford

Mr. Jorden’s Advisory builds their prize-winning cardboard boat

Ingrid Luo

As per custom, Sage Hill juniors and seniors go somewhere exciting every September to loosen up. Last year was an exception, as due to special circumstances caused by the COVID-19 outbreak, students instead participated in online games last year. 

However, this year, things are back on track: juniors traveled to a trampoline park, while seniors stayed on the school campus to take part in ship-building and other pool festivities. 

At the trampoline park, DEFY OC, juniors could frisk and frolic across various obstacle courses. A large area of the grounds was dedicated to squares of trampolines for students to see how high they could jump. Nearby was a long stretch of reflexive material for others to try leaps or turns. On the far side of the wall was a section with trampolines made of the bounciest canvases for the daring to undertake complex flips. Besides these diverse tracks, there were several other activities such as a rock-climbing wall, a dodgeball court, and more. Paul Bergen, a junior, said his favorite moment was “climbing the silks.”

From cheering on friends at the sidelines to hollering in excitement after completing a feat, the juniors definitely enjoyed their time there. “The sense of feeling free from jumping up into the air and momentarily floating,” said junior Melody Wu, “was very exhilarating and therapeutic.”

Meanwhile, back at the Sage Hill campus, the seniors spent their time taking part in various activities on the ground, as well as in the water. The day started off with a brief costume contest, where seniors were given a theme to follow and fabricate outfits from. Advisories would ultimately be ranked based on whose costumes best enveloped the theme with a flair of creativity. During the costume preparation, students simultaneously constructed their ships to compete for the tournaments in the water. 

Senior Bobby Kan said his favorite part of the day was “walking to the swimming pool and seeing all the people in costumes.”

After all the contests concluded, awards were given to Dr. Kunte’s advisory for the best costume, Mrs. Rutherfords’s advisory for the most creative boat, Mr. Jorden’s advisory as the first-place winners of the pool race, and Ms. Tekin’s advisory for the most graceful sink. With the competitions wrapped up, the seniors were treated to ice cream.

“I enjoyed the unlimited shaved ice and making the boat with my advisory!” senior Megan Shean said. 

By lunchtime, the juniors had joined the seniors back on campus, where fresh hamburgers, cheeseburgers, chips, and soda were offered to the students: a fulfilling end to the students’ refreshing adventures.