Get Your Groove On

Homecoming Dance: “Unforgettable”


David Kim

The students congregate in front of the DJ during the Homecoming Dance.

Karmen Sandhu

On October 2nd, Sage Hill’s students were able to take a step back from their academics as well as sports to enjoy a fun-filled homecoming held in Town Square. 

Sophomores especially were unsure what to expect because they had never attended a school dance due to the pandemic. The anticipation only continued to grow as people asked one another to the dance. The weather, though expected to have been cold, was quite pleasant. 

Majority of the students undoubtedly put much thought into their dresses and suits, as it had also been the talk of the school since the date of the homecoming dance was announced. The Student Council did an amazing job putting the event together while incorporating the groovy theme. 

Grace Kao, a sophomore who was unable to attend any school dances last year due to COVID, described the dance as “an unforgettable experience.” It was amazing to see those who were shy in class blossoming and fully letting go on the dance floor. 

The DJ played many well known songs which got everyone moving and grooving along to the beat. Memories were made with selfies, videos, and Snapchat stories. 

Freshman Naomi Tran said that she was having a great time with her friends. That evening enabled many to step outside of their comfort zone and even allowed some to see their peers in a different light, developing a sense of community. 

There were many teachers who took the time out of their busy schedules to supervise this event, which would have not been possible without their help. The dance has left a tremendous impression on many, causing even more excitement for any future dances.