Sage students offer words of advice to their peers

Dear freshmen,

Welcome to the next four years of your life. Whether your first weeks have been exciting, intimidating, overwhelming, or all of the above, this is the time for self growth. Fearlessly venture into this chapter of your life with an open mind. Embrace all the life-long memories, belly-aching laughs, and challenging obstacles that are the purest fusion of the quintessential high school experience. As a sophomore who did not get to experience a conventional freshman year, I’d say the best thing you can possibly do for yourself is to simply make the most of it. This year is about exploration and risk-taking. Run for co-chair, start a club, try a new sport, and be bold with your decisions because ultimately, the risks you take will determine the person you’ll become. Lastly, don’t cower in the face of adversity and remember that help is always available whether it be from your peers, advisor, or teachers. I wish you all my best in your freshman endeavors and beyond.



Dear sophomores,

Last year was certainly quite hectic— you and I both know this. Two semesters of quarantine and online classes were probably not what you expected when you first started high school. But you have made it through; light is now finally at the end of the tunnel. And it’s not too late to make up for what you may have missed.

The sophomore year is definitely a time you should treasure. You’re over the frantic confusion of trying to adapt to a new environment as a freshman, and you’ve got a lot more freedom now as a sophomore. And trust me — you’ll want to have your fun before junior year slaps you in the head. That means you now have the opportunity to start materializing your potential with plenty of time to explore. And after a whole year of quarantine, it’s definitely a great time to branch out and socialize. Build friendships with your classmates. Get to know your teachers — they’re not the boring old guys people like to make them out to be.

And a word of advice: make use of your time wisely. That’s not saying you can’t procrastinate at all, but at least have your priorities in order. If you think you’re going to regret having to finish that English essay tomorrow, then you’re probably better off just writing it today. And if you ever need help with anything, remember that the Sage Hill community is always there for you.

Have a great and unforgettable year.


Xinyi Xie

Dear juniors,

Welcome back to campus! Although the past year of online school and staying home has been challenging, this school year will be better. Do not be scared or intimidated by the concept of “junior year” because you got this. 

“Prioritize your mental health. Find your safe space – whether that be a hobby, friends and family, or a literal place,” said senior Riya Gupta. 

Make sure to take care of yourself. We all have our ups and downs throughout the year, but know that you have help. Your advisor, friends, teachers, and peers at Sage are here to help and support you. 

“Take advantage of every opportunity,” said senior David Ho.

With only two years left at Sage, it’s important to be present for every moment before the stress of college applications, and remember to have fun. This year, we have more things to look forward to: prom, service learning, and so much more. 

Though it is still important to work hard and do your best academically, you should also make time for yourself. Make the most of this year, and stay safe!


Lauren Chung

Dear Seniors,

Hey, Class of 2022! Two PSATs, over a dozen finals, four pep rallies, and one quarantine later, we finally made it to senior year. The past 18 months haven’t been easy, but our grade handled them with grace and came out of this experience stronger and even more connected to one another. 

But the end of quarantine has brought us to our year of lasts. Some of these lasts are celebratory, like our last final exams and our last time procrastinating on summer homework. However, we also will be having some bittersweet lasts, like our last sports games against St. Margaret’s, our last dances, our last Town Meeting, and our last time together as the Sage Hill graduating class of 2022. 

So among all these lasts, appreciate every moment. Audition for the musical. Volunteer for the Town Meeting games. Join a club in which you’ve always been interested. Ask that person to prom. In other words, make the most of every opportunity and live without regrets. This is our last year here, so let’s make it count.

I’ve been so grateful to experience high school with all 132 of you. The last three years have been unexpected but unforgettable, and I can’t wait to enjoy the remaining time we have together. Go lightning! 


Riya Gupta