Celebrating Diversity: The First Virtual Multicultural Fair

Xinyi Xie, Copy Editor

The first virtual Sage Hill Multicultural Fair took place on Saturday, Mar. 13th, from 10 am to 2 pm. 

The Multicultural Fair is an annual event that celebrates the diverse cultures of the Sage Hill Community. In past years it was held on campus and consisted of food, performances, and games unique to each culture. After last year’s Multicultural Fair was cancelled due to COVID-19, the Parent Association tried hard to put together a virtual event this year that was unforgettably like no other. 

Eight volunteers from the Sage Hill community, including parents, a student, a staff member, and a friend of Sage Hill, presented recipes that represented cuisines from El Salvador, Israel, Korea, Taiwan, Australia, and the United States. They showcased their dishes in live cooking demonstrations broadcasted through Zoom meetings. 

“I had fun going through and talking about the ingredients and their backgrounds,” Sage Hill staff member Malila Hollow-Gonzalez, who exhibited the process of making Native American Cedar Braised Beans and Sage Roasted Vegetables, said. “It is representative of the culture and is something I’m passionate about.” 

The demonstrations were divided into two sessions, the first from 10 to 11 pm, and the second from 1-2 pm. Most viewers signed up for one demonstration of each session, but some went for more. Viewers were encouraged to gather ingredients and cook along with the hosts themselves.

“Although the Sage community could not gather in-person for the food booths and live performances as in past years, the Sage community was able to socialize virtually, learn to cook some dishes, and have a fun time,” Ling Li, a Sage Hill parent who was an organizer of the Multicultural Fair, said. “I hope we can all recognize that there is so much diversity in the Sage Hill community. ” 

This year’s virtual Multicultural Fair was a fun experience for all of its participants. Hopefully, it could return to being in-person in 2022.