Spring at Sage 2021

Spring at Sage will take place this school year with modifications to compensate for restrictions caused by the pandemic.

Riya Gupta, Online Editor-in-Chief

Spring at Sage 2021 is quickly approaching. The program was cancelled in the 2019-2020 school year due to the unforeseen pandemic, but it will take place this year in mid-to-late May.

Spring at Sage is a one-week program where students either participate in local seminars or travel domestically or internationally. The program, headed by Ms. Pitassi, is designed to develop cross-cultural competency as well as to introduce students to new ideas or skill sets. Participation in Spring at Sage is a graduation requirement. 

“We are so thrilled to bring back this signature Sage Center program and beloved year-end tradition. Spring at Sage offers our students an unparalleled opportunity for leadership, creativity, and risk-taking beyond the traditional classroom,” Head of School Patricia Merz wrote in a community email. 

However, there are some noticeable changes to the program. For one, the program this year will not feature any trips, including domestic and international ones. Secondly, the majority of the seminars will allow students to participate virtually, and in-person participants will be required to social distance and wear masks. 

This year, the program features 36 seminars, including old favorites such as Active OC and Build Your Own RC/Airplane, as well as new ones such as From Teatime to Tiktok and Virtual Exchange: Peru. 

Students registered for the program with their top three choices by February 26th. Approximately 15 students across each grade will be selected to participate in each seminar. The seminar allocations were released on Friday, Mar. 12th.