Lightning Fridays!

Lauren Chung

As the school year is passing by quickly, it is soon time to welcome the new students of Sage Hill! To answer questions and meet some of the prospective students from all over the country, the Admission Office has planned virtual events that take place over Zoom. Lightning Fridays happen on Friday afternoons throughout January to early February, and each 30-minute event is divided by 4 specific topics of mathematics and science, English, history, and world languages, athletics, and arts and student life. Through each call, prospective students are able to talk to and meet faculty members, coaches, and current students. 

Given the COVID-19 pandemic, prospective students are unable to visit Sage Hill’s campus and experience classes, lunch, and meet current students, which makes deciding schools more difficult. However, Lightning Fridays is a great alternative to the traditional events of Shadow Day, where prospective students could visit campus and experience student life at Sage Hill. Though not the same, these virtual events still give prospective students an opportunity to ask questions and meet current students and faculty members. 

“While not exactly the same as visiting campus and talking face to face, these virtual events help prospective students hear the perspective of current students,” said Associate Director of Admission and Financial Aid Leyla Hanjan. “Plus any new questions they may have since their interview or Open House can be answered at this time.”

As Lightning Fridays features current students and staff members of Sage, Student Ambassadors were able to meet, greet, and answer questions that prospective students had, while explaining their personal experiences at Sage.

“I enjoyed listening to prospective students’ questions as it was really enjoyable to help explain parts of Sage that might not have been as prevalent when taking a cursory look at Sage,” said Student Ambassador Shaan Sakraney. 

From Lightning Fridays, faculty members, staff, and current students were able to meet the faces of many prospective students, and Sage is looking forward to welcoming the new students of the Sage Hill community!