Boys’ Basketball 2nd Place in Academy League


William Ho

After winning league for the first time last season, the Sage Hill boys’ basketball team has kept up an impressive 5-3 league record as of February 11. 

They are currently 2nd place in the Academy League, with their first two league losses against Southlands Christian and St. Margaret’s, which was on January 17 at their home.

The team also recently placed in 4th place in the Tri-City Christian Holiday Tournament. The Tri-City Christian Holiday Tournament tournament was hosted in San Diego over winter break with other high school basketball teams from all around Southern California and other states.

“We made a lot of mistakes in the beginning of the year, but we’ve learned from them and are ready to win,” senior forward Janak Bhakta said. 

The boys basketball team played their rival, St. Margaret’s, again at the Ube on Tuesday, February 4. Although the game had big implications for Sage Hill’s standing in the Academy League, the game held even more significance. Before the game, both teams honored Kobe Bryant and the eight other lives that were lost on January 26.

“Our game [against St. Margaret’s] is going to be tough and physical,” junior forward August Neubauer said. “But the most important part of the game will be commemorating the lives that were lost.”

The Lightning eventually fell to St. Margaret’s, 48-40.