Boys Fight Through Soccer Season


Lauren Chung

Goal! The boys’ soccer team has been fighting for another tough, yet accomplishing, season. This year, the team is led by seniors Emir Karabeg and Jonathan Lake as well as Coach Joe Franco.

According to the team, soccer is a place for hard work, improvement, and sportsmanship.

“Being a coach [means] being a great mentor and developing the players on my team to be the best they can be, both on and off of the field,” Coach Franco said. “Our goal this year is to play to our potential and with passion.”

Even though the team plays to their best abilities, it doesn’t go exactly as expected, but they encourage each other and improve upon. 

I feel like during most of the games of the season, our team has been very competitive, and sometimes the scoreboard doesn’t always reflect the game,” freshman Luke Chez said. “…We’ve learned a lot so far this season and it’s not over yet as we have a couple more games to showcase our skills.”

Additionally, the sport can lead to a major breakthrough in friendship. Throughout the season, the team discovered an unbreakable bond where every player gets along well and shows kindness to each other. 

“In my four years of playing varsity soccer, …each year got more enjoyable [and] I love my team,” Lake said.