Mamma Mia! Here We Go Again

Polina Mogilevsky

Opa!! For this year’s musical, the Black Box Theater was transformed into the Greek island of Kalokairi for the winter production of “Mamma Mia!” 

The cast and crew spent weeks hard at work memorizing lines, choreographing dances, and paying homage to the Broadway musical and the musical talents of Swedish pop supergroup ABBA. 

For those not familiar with the popular show, the plot of “Mamma Mia!” centers around a young girl, Sophie (sophomore Sanjana Khurana), trying to figure out who her real father is the day before her wedding by inviting all three suspects to her wedding (seniors Dylan McCarthy, Dylan Long and Nick Fish). Chaos and shenanigans ensue accompanied by ABBA power ballads.

What was it like for the cast members to be part of such a well-known production?

Khurana said playing the character is “so exciting because her personality is upbeat and full of laughter which makes every second of playing her that much more fun.” 

Senior Selene Shankle lit up the stage as Rosie, everyone’s favorite foodie and one of Donna’s (Sophie’s mom) best friends. Shankle is no stranger to theater at Sage Hill and typically plays strong characters.

“I think Rosie is pretty dominant in her own way, because she’s not so great in the area of romance, but I think that’s because she’s so independent. She’s constantly battling with this femininity that everyone expects… She is a really strong woman, she’s capable of taking care of herself,” Shankle said.

One of the things that makes Shankle such a convincing Rosie is her ability to relate to the character.

“I myself am unique and need someone that can match my strength. I’m secure in myself, just it never was in a way of how I appeared to other people. It was more in my abilities and mental state,” Shankle said.

Senior Jacob Gibbs played Pepper, the feisty bartender. 

Gibbs is no stranger to the theater department either. 

“I did the musical freshman year; I just wanted one last thing in the arts department, to tie it all up,” Gibbs said. “I really, really wanted to be a part of this.”

Gibbs’ rehearsal process consists of three parts.

“There’s the acting aspect, and we do blocking with Mrs. Kildare,” he said. There’s singing with Toni [Helms]. I’m in the ensemble, but I’m also a featured singer.

For those who missed the show, there is still another chance to see Sage Hill students take the stage this year: the One Acts are in early April.