An Expanded FLIK Will do the Trick!


Riya Gupta

Flik is an integral part of Sage Hill culture. Whether someone gets a bagel or hash browns (or why not both?) before Town Meeting, sushi on Fridays, or ice cream to enjoy during X Block, many students have integrated a stop at Flik into their daily school routine. 

However, Flik’s popularity spurs quite a crowd, causing hungry students to wait in line for anywhere up to 15 minutes before they can enjoy their food. 

“The food was very, very great, but the only problem I experienced with it was the amount of people. It was a bit too crowded,” said sophomore Aviela Chang of her experience with Flik last year.

Many students voiced the same opinion as Chang. In order to improve their customer service, Flik set to work, taking this as an opportunity not only to expand its square footage but also their offerings. 

To the dismay of some Summer at Sage students, that meant they had to take a break from Flik along with the rest of the student body as the cafe was closed for the whole summer. That meant no summer school snacks and a provisional snack store in the front office. However, this time off was well spent as the additional space added will allow Flik to serve its global cuisine at faster rates while offering many more options. 

Flik Director Sharon Luengas said the additional space will provide “a greater variety of beverages, snacks, and hot food,” including, but not limited to, “two espresso machines with a hot chocolate option, a soft serve ice cream machine with assorted toppings, and a complete wall of desired snacks.” Additionally, there will be “counters for the panini press, utensils, and condiments plus built in cabinets for two brand new microwaves.” A daily $5 menu and more gluten-free and vegan options will be offered as well. 

Senior Zoe Mazakas said the expansion is “probably a good idea because, with a growing student population, more space is needed. It will probably be easier to navigate inside the cafe.”

New double doors along with more chefs and cashiers will also help keep the Flik traffic running smoothly. In other words: more food and less wait time. 

Now not only will students anticipate what is in store for their new classes, but they will also wonder what other surprises the new Flik has to offer. So, who wants to go to Flik?