Sage Strikes Again!


Photo Dave

Lightning players celebrate after a win this season.

Riya Gupta and Sanjana Khurana

On Thursday, October 18 for the first round of the CIFs, Sage Hill Lighting went head-to-head against the Mission Viejo Diablos. The victory held the winner a spot in the second round of the CIF playoffs at Culver City. For seniors Amiyah De’Long, Sydnee Francis, and Lauren Langdale, this was their last CIF match as Lightning players.

Posters showing school spirit plastered all over the gym as students dressed in Storm attire attended the game to cheer on the team. To support the girls, the crowd did a blackout and burst with enthusiasm and school pride.

Music and excitement filled the gym as fans went wild with each dig, set, and kill. Coming in strong, Sage Hill defeated Mission Viejo 3-1. It was a well-deserved win for the coaches and the players.

The victory led to a spot in the second round of CIFs at Culver City on October 20. The Lightning did not win this match, but Sage Hill is proud of the effort the team put into this season.

“There have definitely been some ups and downs, but overall this has been my favorite season with the girls,” said Francis, a senior captain.

Francis’ leadership guided the team throughout the season, and her career as a volleyball will hopefully continue after high school.

This loss unfortunately means that the team’s seniors will no longer play volleyball for Sage Hill, but De’Long, one of the team’s starting outside hitters, has played for the team for the last four years and said she will continue to play Division 1 volleyball for Stony Brook University next year.

“I’ve played for the team for the last four years,” Francis said. “This was the best team I have played for at Sage.”

Langdale played with Sage Hill Lightning for the last three years as the defensive specialist and libero.

“[Langdale] picks up on all of the little things that are crucial for the team’s success,” said Coach Dan Thomassen.

Sage is sad to see these seniors move on from high school but is glad to see them pursuing their goals. The team, coaches, and Sage look forward to another great season next year. Go Lightning!