New Year, New Us


Amanda Duong. Miles Wilson speaks to students in Wilkin's Town Square

Michelle Hung

Seniors Miles Wilson and Ashton Carroll stand at the helm of Student Council this year as its president and vice president.

Wilson and Carroll have served on Student Council together since their positions during the 2015-16 school year as sophomore co-chairs.  Since then, they have worked side by side on “everything from planning sophomore year pep rallies to setting up dances,” said Carroll.

The two leaders believe that experiences drawn from two years of collaboration, not to mention their close friendship formed over those years, will allow them to lead Student Council to a successful year.

“Our long history working together in the past has allowed us to grow comfortable with each other’s strengths and weaknesses and given us the ability to recognize the ways in which we are able to support each other,” Wilson said.

As president, Wilson’s primary role is to organize and lead Student Council meetings and events.  Wilson promised to stay organized and proactive in order to respond effectively to concerns from students and faculty alike.

“I believe that it is my duty to voice the students opinions to the Administration and act as a bridge between students and the faculty above them,” Wilson said.

Working alongside Wilson, Carroll has a prominent role in making executive decisions on the behalf of Student Council.  Her other roles as vice president include leading town meeting, overseeing clubs and helping to plan dances, pep rallies and other school wide events.

Student Council is already hard at work planning new and exciting activities for this year and restructuring and improving upon various elements from last year.

“We want to introduce more school wide events, such as lunchtime bingo, scavenger hunts and movie nights,” Carroll said.

“We also are working towards restructuring town meeting to redirect the focus on showcasing our schools talents,” she said.

By increasing the frequency and quality of school wide events and placing a stronger emphasis on school spirit, Student Council aims to achieve greater prominence in the community and play a more active role in student life.  With this goal in mind, Wilson urged students to step out of their comfort zones and take advantage of all that Student Council has to offer.

“It seems that students have gotten more comfortable with the many changes that have been made to Sage Hill’s campus,” Wilson said.

“I hope that this school year students will direct their focus towards the work of Student Council.”

Wilson and Carroll are excited to implement these new changes and overcome any obstacles they may face throughout the school year.

In particular, Wilson noted low turnout at dances as a challenge that Student Council has had trouble with in the past, and proposed a solution.

“This year we plan on incorporating more social spaces into our dance venues so that people who don’t want to dance to loud music can do other activities instead,” Wilson explained.

Carroll remarked that each new year brings a new set of challenges, but expressed confidence in Student Council’s ability to problem solve and learn from any mistakes.

“We have a very new group of members in Student Council so there’s a bit of a learning curve when it comes to knowing what is expected and how to be most productive,” Carroll said.

“While this may mean Miles and I need to take a more forward role in opening up the school year, new members also mean new ideas which are always welcomed!”