Getting Ready to Ace the Season


Jacob Gibbs, Copy Writer

The girls’ volleyball team has been hard at work in the gym preparing for another season of serves, sets, and hopefully more success to come. Ready for another great season, the girls’ volleyball team has been preparing all summer to repeat their great success from last season. They practice during the summer often; the team says that they try to get into the gym as often as they can with the help of Coach D-Thom.

This practice is soon to pay off, as their first game is coming up on Aug. 24, against San Juan Hills High School. Sophomore Dani Beder said the team “feels confident about this season … we could even go undefeated [in league] for the second year in a row.”

The team is excited to take in some new members this year, even though several seniors left the year before. Sophomores Hana Stauss, Ashley Sung, Zoe Mazakas, and Ashley Sarkisian are excited to be bumped up to varsity.

They all concluded that they have been coming to Sage over the summer to go above and beyond, while preparing them for the rest of the reason. Over the summer they have been “going into the weight room at 7 a.m. to lift weights and practice some other agility exercises”, sophomore Ashley Sarkisian said.

Leslie Frankel said, “personally, the squats are the most helpful for me, since they improve my leg muscles for increasing my verticals.”

The girls on the Sage Hill volleyball teams are ready to conquer anything in their path, demonstrated in their determination on and off the court this summer.