It’s a Small World


Multicultural Fair

The annual Multicultural Fair at Sage Hill is a special event, organized by Sage Hill parents, where people with all types of races, represent their country. Entertainment including food booths with foods from all over the country, performances and displays of artworks created by students represented the theme of multiculturalism.

Performers rehearsed and practiced for their shows, excited to share their culture with the audience.

Stephanie Yang, a performer part of the Korean team said “preparing for the Multicultural Fair was a great success. We have been practicing and decorating our drums, while also creating daily schedules.”

“Rehearsing and being able to be part of this event was a wonderful experience, especially because it was for the Multicultural Fair. I believe showing cultural spirit is important as well,” said Camille Hansen, a performer on the Chinese drums.

All 16 countries with students on campus were represented at the fair including China, Germany, Japan, Persia, Croatia, Ghana, Korea, Poland, Philippines, England, India, Mexico, France, Italy and Vietnam.