Choir Concert: Mostly Sacred

This fall’s choral concert, Mostly Sacred, was held in the Black Box theater at 7p.m. on Friday December 2. The concert featured performances from the Treble and Concert choirs, as well as the Sage Hill Singers, an elite choir ensemble composed of Sage’s top voices. All choirs, composed of fifty students in total, were conducted by Megan Eddy, the head of the arts department.

Paige Okey, President of Concert Choir, is proud of the work the Concert Choir has done so far this year. After many keystone singers graduated last year, this year’s choir is filled with a lot of first time singers, who have learned remarkable quickly since school began in August, says Okey.

“I have been pleasantly surprised by the amount of commitment and passion these new singers take when approaching the work… It is truly amazing the progress that we have made,” she says.

As suggested in the title, Mostly Sacred, the concert predominantly featured sacred music, though there were some secular pieces as well. The pieces expressed a very wide range of styles, from baroque to contemporary, and much more. Students sang not just in English, but in a variety of languages, including Italian, Spanish and Latin.

“This choir concert was an excellent time to see students who you normally see in the sciences or athletics shine in a whole new exciting light,” says Okey.