Poetic Dancing


Simonides of Ceos once said, “Dancing is poetry.” The upcoming dance show is based upon this theme, Humanity, as their dancing is literally poetry.

Well not exactly. All of the dances are based on poems, as indicated by the shows name Poetry in Motion. It takes place tonight and tomorrow in the Black Box Theater.

“I heard ‘Hope is the Thing with Feathers’ written by Emily Dickinson, and it really resonated with me,” said Noelle Robinson, the director.

“I realized why don’t I make that the thing of the show because I was inspired by one lines. I knew my dancers could do the same, so I decided to make that the theme of the show,” said Robinson.

One concern regarding the show is ‘will the dancers be able to connect poetry to a modern audience.’ Most high schoolers have never read poetry outside of school so may seem distant from this.

“Our dancers really dug deep into their poems,” Robinson said, “so I think their dances along with the poems being read aloud will fuse the abstract with the concrete and make a relatable show.”

Charlotte Lynskey, a senior member of Synergy, said, “Each dance is based on a poem and a corresponding emotion,”

Each part of the show incorporates different emotions such as love, happiness, anger and despair. Countless hours have been spent to perfect every movement of the performance.

“I’m really excited for this show, and we’ve all been working really hard so it should be one of the best,” Lynskey said.

As the students in Dance Ensemble prepared for each poem, Anthony Aceves, a choreographer from Disney Studios, helped Synergy in its production.

“I think all of us in dance ensemble have really enjoyed working with Anthony and getting to know his style as a dancer,” Lynskey noted. “He is very qualified and truly an inspiration to us all. His dance is the opening piece, and it really does a great job of setting the tone for the show.

Get ready to take a step back from life and take a journey where, as Peter Pan once said, “dreams are born and time is never planned.” A place where “The Road not Taken” is covered in the graceful dancers’ footsteps.