Too Pool for School


Behind the powerful bulldozers and loud jackhammers of the recent construction projects on campus is an idea. Tennis players finally have their facilities on campus, and now, it is the swimmer’s turn.

“The Fulfilling the Dream Campaign,” as president Gordon McNeill calls it, is the building of beautiful tennis courts and an aquatics center on campus. Many are concerned about whether the aquatics center will be completed in time for spring swim season.

“We will be able to get so many more practices in and get better so much more quickly,” says swimmer and waterpolo player Michael Vaden. He also believes the pool will be “great for team bonding.” A closer team means a better team, as they will work well together.

Another clear advantage of having a pool on campus is practices will be earlier in the afternoon and eliminating commute times for practices.

Vaden is also excited for the increase in fans. “We have almost no one showing up to the games, but with the pool being right here and games being early in the afternoon it will make so many more people will show up. It’s going to be great for team morale,” he said.

“I am a little worried that the pool won’t be complete by spring,” another waterpolo player and swimmer Amrit Punia, said. “Right now, it just looks like it is moving slowly.”

McNeill, however, nullified these doubts confirming “the pool will be completed by the end of April 2017.

“To date we have raised $10.5 million of the $13 million goal [for the dream project]. We are hoping to have the fundraising completed by January 2017,” he said.

If everything stays on track, the swim team should have the pool for the latter part of the spring season.

With a pool on campus, the general student body will be able to conveniently attend meets and games, making water polo and swim & dive more of topic in the student body rather than just some sport that is never on campus.

It will also make it easier to be an aquatics athlete, so if you are thinking of joining one of the water sports, the time is now. the Sage Hill Aquatics Center is making a big splash.