The Conversation on Campus Changes

With the start of the school year, conversations can be heard across Wilkins Town Square about the changes being made to campus, both disdain and comfort in the new gate, added security guards and off limits parking lot resonated in the students.

The conversation on campus culture continues this month during weekly advisory meetings.

“I feel like they’re treating us like children, like we need to be baby sat,” junior Natalie Eaton commented. “They’re not trusting us and it’s taking away from the community of Sage.” Her non acceptance shifted as she added, “on another aspect, I feel like I’m okay with it; it’s not the worst thing in the world.”

“I understand why they got [more security], to prevent future conflicts, but I think it’s a bit much to not let people have their freedom,” said senior Jafeth Orozco who agreed. You don’t really trust you students, the trust is not there.”

On the other hand, some are just completely indifferent. “I don’t really care that much,” said senior Matt Warden about recent changes.

Others find it comforting. “I think it’s cool, the more security the better. I feel safer,” freshman Victoria Vorath remarked.

Overall, there will never be one, positive opinion on the new security changes Sage has made, but everyone is willing to at least see the benefits along with the losses. Hopefully, a successful and safe year is to come.