One Acts 2016


One Acts each March is the anticipated theater event of the year with students and families flooded in both Friday and Saturday to watch the short performances.

The festival comprised six one-act performances each directed by Theater Ensemble members. This year, the show was fortunate enough to feature a one act written by senior Griffin Vrabeck who directed, with the help of assistant Daniel Levy, Wild Horses. His piece opened the show with the story of Miles, a young man who has recently left home in hopes of finding himself, played by Henry Ficcadenti.

Vrabeck credits his inspiration to Jon Krakauer’s novel Into the Woods, and is thankful for its ability to help him grow and understand acceptance throughout his four years at Sage Hill School.

Following Wild Horses, five more beautifully executed shows braved the audience. Themes of jealousy, love, struggle and betrayal all arose throughout the performances. The audience was shaking with laughter during Tess Hezlep’s one act Variations on the Death of Trotsky as Omead Mohoni and Amanda Ong took over the stage in comedic brilliance. Moments later, during The Last Nickel, directed by Tamara Tsubota, sobbing could be heard from a number of spectators in the audience.

Overall, One Acts were once again a smashing hit. The true talents of Sage Hill’s theater performance group was on display and the evening appreciated by all who attended.