Newsroom by the Bay


This summer I attended the Newsroom by the Bay digital journalism institute at Stanford University. Overall, I thought the camp had such a well-rounded curriculum that gave me a stronger sense of confidence in not only writing journalistically but also in interviewing, broadcasting, creating multimedia features and utilizing new technology. One thing that truly stuck out for me from this program was how it really emphasized on how the media often fails to promote diversity and cultural appreciation. During the program there was a diversity awareness class taught by a journalism teacher, and he demonstrated how many news sources only report what many people want to hear during tragic events, like how the Charleston shooting wasn’t a “real” hate crime. He also shared this fantastic article by Leonard Pitts Jr. with us, and this, as well as the class, inspired me to write this Op-Ed and create this multimedia feature. This teacher also showed us that there is a huge lack of diversity within newsrooms and media companies. I’ve never even thought about this before, and this article helped me understand that promoting diversity is something that is so important today.