With the New Season, Seniors Change Names

It is an historic senior tradition for students to change their names on Facebook, but the reason why is often unclear. The general consensus is that seniors change their name in order to elude colleges and their admission representatives, but for some it is a way to make themselves a new identity in a comical way.

“People change their Facebook name to evade colleges,” said senior Bailey Super, now known as Bisque Soup.  But she is not certain that it makes a difference.  “A, it doesn’t work unless you change it to something like Hogwarts and b, colleges don’t even care.”

In this age, where young people’s impact on the internet is greater than ever before, teenagers need to be more careful about what they say and do online, especially when they are under a microscope.  At the same time, bullying is made easier, and easy access to photos, text and video can change a life.  Changing names is therefore another way to protect one’s online identity.

The reason behind these names may warrant a simpler explanation.  “I’ve been Bailey Super all my life.  I wanted to be an inanimate object like Bisque Soup to fit in with the status quo,” Super said.

Does changing a name on Facebook protect someone from their own valuable information or is it just another well-intended senior tradition?  It is up to the public to decide.

Here are some creative senior names changes: some more ingenious than others. Click on the picture to quiz yourself .

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