College Visits at Sage: A Guide for Juniors and Seniors


Sahale Greenwood

Frank Smith, director of college counseling, works in his office.

All through high school, everyone has thought about applying to the right schools so they can ultimately find their best college fit. One of the perks of attending Sage Hill is the numerous schools admissions officers who already have their eyes on our students and who make a valiant effort to visit our campus once a year.

Around 125 college representatives from across the country are scheduled to visit Sage through the fall and winter to educate students on their campus culture, education and community. “[Representatives] are continuing to come in at steady pace. My guess is that it will definitely reach 150 and probably more,” said Christie Olsen, Assistant to College Counseling and Academic Programs.

Senior Privilege. When it comes to college admissions, Seniors are at their peak of pressure points as the application process ramps up during the first semester.

Seniors have the privilege of attending an unlimited number of these college meetings—no matter when they are held. The opportunity to directly hear from the college representatives will allow seniors to ask questions that might be more personal than what you could find on a website or more accessible than an expensive visit to the campus itself.

Andrew Losier, Associate Director of College Counseling, takes a phone call.

Sahale Greenwood
Andrew Losier, Associate Director of College Counseling, takes a phone call.

Seniors will also be able to really narrow down and refine their final college list before application deadlines at the end of the calendar year. Just like last year, seniors must ask their teachers permission to attend the meeting 48 hours in advance.

Junior Changes. What’s new about the juniors’ ability to attend college visits at SHS?

In past years, juniors were only allowed to miss a total of one class per year to attend college visits, making it difficult for students to narrow down their choices and prepare early for the college process.

This year, juniors are allowed to miss one of each of their academic subjects to hear lectures from college representatives who come to visit campus.

This change should encourage students to start thinking about their college choices sooner—and even possibly get a foot-in-the-door with the local representatives.  The same rules do apply regarding notifying teachers at least 48 business hours in advance of class and asking instead of telling teachers that they will be absent from class.

Without fear of missing class inappropriately to meet with college reps, their attendance at college visits is expected to increase exponentially.  In turn, this should continue to promote the face of Sage Hill School students to all of colleges and their representatives.


Both juniors and senior are allowed to attend any college visit that falls during lunch, conference, a free-block or a X-block without permission from a teacher.

To sign up for college visits, visit the Naviance College Connections page to reserve a spot.

The College Counseling office is decorated with flags and posters from colleges around the world.

Sahale Greenwood
The College Counseling office is decorated with flags and posters from colleges around the world.

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