Student Council Elected for 2014-2015


Claire Goul

April 15 2014. Photographer: Claire Goul.

Co-Chair speeches will be held in advisory on Thursday April 24, elections will take place during lunch and results will be announced April 25 during lunch.

Student Council election brought excitement to Wilkins Town Square during lunch on Tuesday as results were announced: president senior Rachana Pillai, vice president junior Matthew Aghaian, secretary treasurer senior Aaron Kim and activities coordinators seniors Kian Amini and Aryan Assar.

Tyler Zarubin, veteran science teacher and student council advisor understands the process leading up to the results better than anyone else because of his experience with student council.

“My primary reason [for coming to Sage] was because I fell in love with the culture. I was excited because I enjoy working with students,” Zarubin recollected. He cites student proximity as the reason for his decision to teach here and become the faculty advisor for student council. Zarubin explained, “this position allows me to maintain that close proximity.”

Part of Zarubin’s job is to determine the winner of general and class elections. Of course, the vote margin between candidates piques the interest of any student, contender or teacher. Unfortunately that information is undisclosed.

“[It’s] because Sage has a such a small student population,” Zarubin said. “Say that you didn’t get elected, and you saw that you lost by nine votes, and the distance for a run-off election is eight. You might ask your friends if they voted. We don’t want to destroy friendships.”

The Student Council president is in charge of day-to-day operations, SAME, Student Ambassadors and Honor Committee. He or she has the privilege to speak at events throughout the year. “The president is the leader of student culture [and has] a profound impact on school culture,” Zarubin said.

The vice president is equally important. “The vice president helps realize the goals of the president,” he explained. The vice president makes sure Town Meeting runs smoothly: taking speaker, performer and announcement requests, drafting that list and ensuring everything is on time.

The secretary treasurer is in charge of managing Student Council money and has the broader leadership scope of taking notes at Town Meeting.

Two activities coordinators are responsible for organizing and executing school dances and pep-rallies.

Co-chairs, one boy and one girl per grade, coordinate meetings and class bonding events and disseminate important information. “Co-chairs execute the mission through the content of their character,” Zarubin said.