Debate Team Places 3rd in Tournament


Senior Rochelle Rouhani, junior Kieran Mital and senior Tiana Lowe poses for a picture after a successful debate tournament. April 5 2014.

Led by Sage’s debate veterans senior Rochelle Rouhani and junior Kieran Mital, the Sage Hill Debate team won third place at the High School Public Debate Program’s sixth League Tournament at Upland High School on April 5.

Rouhani, who started the Debate Team at Sage during her freshman year, won tenth place as an individual speaker at the tournament. Rouhani’s team won eighth place, and junior Helena Youhana also won an individual speaker award.

“Debate teaches us to constantly question what we are often taught to simply accept, to have healthy skepticism in everything we hear, and genuine openmindedness to opposing beliefs because of realization that multiple perspectives exist and are legitimate,” Rouhani, who also debates on the U.S. National Debate Team, reflected on the merits of debate.

Overseen by History Department teacher Nicolle Bradshaw, Debate has become one of Sage’s most popular clubs due to its inclusivity and satisfying results.

“Debate’s benefits include learning critical thinking skills, communication, persuasion and public speaking, as well as research and learning about current events,” Rouhani said. “All of these are skills which will extend into becoming better students and more involved members of the community.”