Math Teacher Reyes Substitutes

With math teacher Rena Dear currently on maternity leave until fourth quarter March 18, substitute Jorge Reyes is teaching her calculus classes. A Princeton graduate, Reyes is from San Diego. He attended Point Loma High School, and his first teaching job was at High Tech High teaching middle school math. 

“My preferred student age group [is] definitely juniors and seniors because I like the higher level math classes and the students are a little more mature since college is on their mind,” Reyes said. “Given that I’m not too far off college, I feel like can answer some of their questions.” During his free time, he enjoys playing and watching professional tennis as well as hiking and traveling.

Mr. Reyes is always willing to help whenever we need it. He is a beyond a great teacher.”

— Junior Elizabeth Gomez

Q: What were your first impressions of Sage?

A: It looked like a college at a high school level. I wish I went to high school here. Students are very enthusiastic about learning. It’s the best teaching environment a teacher can ask for and as for the students it’s probably the best learning environment you guys can ask for. Also students say thank you; I appreciate you guys being respectful to your teachers. I wouldn’t get much of that at High Tech.

Q: Can you tell me a little about being a teacher versus learning about being a teacher?

A: When you study to be a teacher you can’t prepare for all the situations that may come up or any questions that a student may have. I like thinking on my feet and learning new tricks for my students is something they don’t teach you in the education program.

Math has always been easy [for] me, and I know a lot of students tend not to like it, so I wanted to teach this subject…to show students that math isn’t that scary.”

— Jorge Reyes