Cross Country, Second Academy League Meet


Junior Elizabeth Alvarez and seniors Sonya Mital and Catherine Mai race in the first Academy League cross country meet at Salt Creek Beach State Park. September 24 2013. Photographer: Caroline Verhagen

Sage Hill Cross Country is off to a racing start. On Oct. 8, the team raced in their second Academy League meet at Cerritos Regional Park as they competed against teams from Calvary Chapel High School, St. Margaret’s Episcopal School, Oxford Academy and Crean Lutheran High School.

The flat course and cool, windy weather were not without their challenges.

“I think we’ve had better days, just because we’ve had a few people who are sick and injured,” explained cross country captain junior Patrick Hynes. “Everyone’s just tired after a long day of school.”

Although they faced tough conditions, runners on both the girls’ and the boys’ sides pushed hard throughout the race. Some, such as varsity runners sophomore Julia Lowe and junior Rebecca Fudge, even beat their personal records.

“I think it’s going to be an awesome season,” Hynes added. “I think we really have a chance to finally qualify for state since last year we didn’t. If we keep up the good training and make sure that no one else gets injured or sick, we can make it to state.”

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